We visited southern Israel for 10 days in Easter 1994. The party was the usual trio of Brian and Pat Wetton and Keith Corbett. We just booked a ten day package to Eilat and hired a car from there to travel around Eilat, the Arava Valley, the Negev Desert and to travel up to our second base at En Gedi on the Dead Sea.

The itinerary was therefore:

   28 March                Heathrow to Eilat(Ovda) (with El Al)

   29 March-1 Apr      Eilat(EL) inc. mountains & pumping station, Arava Valley(AV),
                                   & Km 33(33)

   2 April                     Trip into Negev(NG) inc. Nizzana, Sede Boqer and Mitzpe Ramon

   3 Apr                       Eilat mountains

   4 Apr                       To En Gedi(EG) via Iddan in Arava Valley and Judean Hills(JH)

   5 Apr                       En Gedi area

   6 Apr                       Return to Eilat via En Yahav Dam(YD)

   7 Apr                       Eilat and return to UK

Birds recorded: (see itinerary for site code)

Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Great Cormorant X             Laughing Dove X X X X X X X
Black-crowned Night Heron X             Namaqua Dove           X  
Squacco Heron X             Ring-necked Parakeet           X  
Western Reef Heron X             Pharoah/Eagle Owl    X          
Little Egret X             Swift X            
Grey Heron X             Alpine Swift X            
Black Stork X             White-breasted Kingfisher           X  
White Stork X X   X X X   Pied Kingfisher X            
Glossy Ibis X             Common Kingfisher X            
Spoonbill X             Little Green Bee-eater X X       X  
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Greater Flamingo X             Bee-eater X X       X  
Wigeon X             Hoopoe X     X   X  
Teal             X Wryneck     X     X  
Mallard X             Dunn's Lark     X        
Garganey X           X Bar-tailed Desert Lark     X        
Shoveler X           X Desert Lark X X       X  
Black Kite X X       X   Hoopoe Lark     X        
Egyptian Vulture           X   Short-toed Lark     X        
Griffon Vulture           X   Crested Lark X X   X X    
Short-toed Eagle X         X   Temminck's Horned Lark     X        
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Marsh Harrier X X X X       Sand Martin X            
Pallid Harrier X     X       Pale Crag Martin X X   X   X  
Sparrowhawk X         X   Crag Martin       X      
Levant Sparrowhawk X             Barn Swallow X X   X X X  
"Steppe" Buzzard X X   X X X   Red-rumped Swallow X X X X   X  
Long-legged Buzzard           X   House Martin X X          
Lesser Spotted Eagle X     X       Richard's Pipit           X  
Steppe Eagle X X     X X   Tawny Pipit X            
Booted Eagle X   X     X   Tree Pipit X X          
Bonelli's Eagle           X   Meadow Pipit X     X      
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Osprey X             Red-throated Pipit X            
Lesser Kestrel X             Yellow Wagtail X X          
Kestrel X X   X X X   Citrine Wagtail   X          
Lanner Falcon     X         White Wagtail X X   X X X  
Barbary Falcon X         X   Yellow-vented Bulbul X X   X X X
Chukar       X       Nightingale           X  
Sand Partridge X         X   Bluethroat X            
Quail           X   Redstart   X          
Coot X             Blackstart X X X X X X X
Common Crane       X       Isabelline Wheatear X X X X      
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Black-winged Stilt X           X Wheatear X X   X X X  
Stone Curlew X             Black-eared Wheatear X     X X    
Cream-coloured Courser     X X       Desert Wheatear       X      
Collared Pratincole X             Mourning Wheatear       X X    
Little Ringed Plover X             White-crowned Black Wheatear X            
Ringed Plover X             Blackbird           X  
Kentish Plover X             Graceful Warbler   X       X  
Greater Sand Plover X             Scrub Warbler X     X      
Spur-winged Plover X X   X   X X Reed Warbler X            
White-tailed Plover X             Olivaceous Warbler X X          
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Little Stint X             Ruppell's Warbler     X     X  
Dunlin X             Arabian Warbler   X          
Broad-billed Sandpiper X             Orphean Warbler (Eastern) X            
Ruff X     X     X Lesser Whitethroat X X X X X X X
Curlew X             Whitethroat X            
Redshank X           X Blackcap X X       X  
Marsh Sandpiper X           X Bonelli's Warbler (Eastern) X            
Greenshank X           X Chiffchaff X         X  
Green Sandpiper X X           Willow Warbler X         X  
Common Sandpiper             X Arabian Babbler X X       X  
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
White-eyed Gull X             Palestine Sunbird           X  
Great Black-headed Gull X             Great Grey Shrike (Southern)       X      
Little Gull X             Woodchat Shrike X   X X      
Slender-billed Gull X             Masked Shrike X X       X  
Lesser Black-backed Gull X             House Crow X            
Yellow-legged Gull X             Hooded Crow       X      
Armenian Gull X             Brown-necked Raven X X X X X X  
Black-headed Gull X             Raven           X  
Gull-billed Tern X             Fan-tailed Raven         X X  
Caspian Tern X             Tristram's Grackle X       X X  
Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD Species EL AV 33 NG JH EG YD
Sandwich Tern X             House Sparrow X X   X X X  
Common Tern X             Spanish Sparrow X X X X   X  
Little Tern X             Dead Sea Sparrow X            
Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse X             Desert Finch X   X X      
Crowned Sandgrouse     X X       Trumpeter Finch X   X   X    
Black-bellied Sandgrouse       X       Ortolan Bunting X            
Rock Dove X     X   X   Cretzschmar's Bunting           X  
Collared Dove X     X   X   Corn Bunting           X  

                ( 'X' represents sightings and 'h' are species only heard )

Mammals recorded:

Rock Hyrax, Dorcas Gazelle, Nubian Ibex, Bradfield's Fox, Long-eared Hedgehog